PT1 45 min - 70 €
PT2 60 min - 90 €

Depending on your insurance, either a partial amount or the full amount will be covered.

Please with you to therapy

  • doctor's referral
  • mask
  • clean sneakers
  • small towel

Doctor's referral


A doctor's referral is necessary for physiotherapeutic treatment.
If you do not have a referral, you can request one from your doctor after the first treatment and take it with you to your second treatment.
Without a referral - i.e. in the case of preventive treatment, the health insurance companies will not reimburse the costs.
At the end of your therapy block, you will receive an invoice from me, which must be paid in full. Only then can you request a reimbursement from your insurance company together with the transfer slip, confirmation of payment and my invoice.



YES - I'm open for you!

To be sure, that it stays that way, please

  • only enter with a mask
  • call / cancel the appointment if you feel sick
  • disinfect hands at the entrance